News Media – Policy & Research (P&R) Vol 2, Issue 9

P & R Vol.2 Issue 9
Publication Year : 2021

01. Interview with Mohammad Malick
02. The Electronic Media Economy in Pakistan
03. Understanding Broadcast Media Economics in Pakistan
04. The Importance of Media Literacy in Pakistan
05. Interview with Imran Ghazali
06. Interview with Iftikhar Ahmad
07. Pakistan Television Network – Falling from the Grace
08. Interview with Imtiaz Gul
09. The Infamous TRPs
10. The New Wild West
11. Digital Journalism on the Rise
12. New Woes: Digitization and Polarization
13. Electronic Media & Public Policy for Service Delivery
14. Terrorism in the Media
15. The Politics of Media Economy in Pakistan
16. Begging to Preserve “Dead Capital”?
17. Monetization: How Valuable is Your Bureaucracy
18. Afghan Refugees: A Looming Crisis
19. Code Red for Humanity: IPPC’s Latest Warning on Climate Changing
20. India’s Misplaced Apprehensions About CPEC
21. Unfolding of the Kabul’s Future
22. Internet Crisis of Gilgit Baltistan; 4G a Way Forward Towards Sustainable Economic Development

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