MPhil Economics Dissertation

TitleStudent - AuthorSupervisor - Co-supervisorsAbstract
Impact of Terrorism on FDI Inflows: A Case Study of OIC Countries (1990-2014)Saba JawaidProf. Dr. Usman MustafaView Abstract
State Dependent Fiscal Multipliers:a Case Study of Pakistan EconomySajjad AliDr. Mahmood KhalidView Abstract
Revealed Comparative Analysis of Pakistan in Services Trade with Selected Asian CountriesAsif JavedDr. Hafsa HinaView Abstract
Impact of Telecommunication Infrastructure and Institutional Quality on Intra-SAARC Trade EfficiencyHafiz Sajid ImranDr. Hafsa HinaView Abstract
Dynamic Effects of Fiscal Spending: A Panel Data Analysis of Selected South-Asian CountriesMuhammad ZamanDr. Attiya Yasmin JavidView Abstract
Decomposition Of Income Inequality In Pakistan: A District Level AnalysisMuhammad Arsalan AliDr. Rehana SiddiquiView Abstract
Impact of Social and Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Private Savings in PakistanFilzia BehnoshDr. Saud Ahmad KhanView Abstract
Is There Some Wage Penalty to Qualification Mismatch? A Cross-Sectional Analysis for 2001-14 PeriodMuhammad KashifDr. Shujaat FarooqView Abstract
Fiscal Impact of Demographic Transition in PakistanTaqi RazaDr. Durre NayabView Abstract
Impact of Government Spending on Economic Growth: An Empirical Study of Federal and Provincial Spending of PakistanShahid MahmoodDr. Attiya Yasmin JavidView Abstract
Violence in Society: Role of Formal and Informal InstitutionsSadia SherbazDr. Karim KhanView Abstract
Impact of HIV/AIDS on Labor Productivity and Return to Work in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ProvinceHaseen ShahDr. Iftikhar AhmadView Abstract
Impact of Globalization on Fiscal Instability in South Asian Developing CountriesRomina MaryumDr. Usman MustafaView Abstract
Response of Monetary Policy to Big and Small Shocks of Inflation and OutputMuhammad AbdullahDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Impact of Interest Rate and Global Financial Crisis on Budget Deficit: A Transfer Function AnalysisNazish MehboobDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Infrastructure and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Panel Data AnalysisSarnaila SharifDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Doorstep Conditions For Transition: Evidence from Arab SpringNafeesa GulDr. Karim KhanView Abstract
Testing Random Walk Behavior of Real Exchange Rate Using Different MethodologiesSadia RiazDr. Atiya Yasmeen JavaidView Abstract
Effect of Foreign Aid Uncertainty on Government Fiscal Behavior in PakistanAmina WaliDr. Atiya Yasmeen JavaidView Abstract
Asymmetric Behavior of Inflation Uncertainty, Unemployment Uncertainty and Economic Growth: Evidence from PakistanAZAZ ALI ATHER BUKHARIDR. ATTIYA YASMIN JAVEDView Abstract
Intergenerational Educational Mobility: Evidence from Pakistan Panel Household SurveyNaila BaigDr. Sajid Amin JavedView Abstract
Monetary Policy Effects: Evidence from Provincial DataMuhammad Mujahid IqbalDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Remittances and Output Volatility: Evidence from Developing EconomiesKhawar ShehzadDr. Karim KhanView Abstract
Benefits of the Metro Bus Service (MBS) In Rawalpindi/IslamabadMuhammad Waqar Ali ShafqatDr Idrees KhawajaView Abstract
Impact of Institutional Quality ON Inflation Growth NexusMuhammad AliDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Impact of Political Structure and Foreign Direct Investment on Growth in PakistanNiloferDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions on Interest Rate Pass-Through A Case Study of PakistanSyeda Sehar KazmiDr. Waseem Shahid MalikView Abstract
Environmental Kuznets Curve and Decomposition analysis of emissions: Empirical evidence from PakistanMuhammad SaqibDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Ecological Footprint, Economic Growth And Ecological EfficiencyHazrat YousafDr. Anwar HussainView Abstract
Free Trade Agreements: A Welfare Analysis for PakistanKhurram ShahzadDr Sajid Amin Javed, Dr Attiya Yasmin JavidView Abstract
The Impact of Farmer Field Schools on Technical Efficiency of Tobacco Production: A Case Study of District SwabiMubassir ZubairDr. Muhammad NasirView Abstract
The Relative Effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Macroeconomic StabilityMuhammad Junaid NasrullahDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Role Of Institutions in Growth convergence a Cross-country analysisMuhammad Safdar BajwaDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Revenue Potentials In Pakistan: An Economic AnalysisSyed Hamza AliDr. Ahsan Ul Haq SattiView Abstract
Demand for Foreign Exchange Reserves in Pakistan: Finding the Optimal LevelZulakha KaleemDr. Attiya Yasmin JavidView Abstract
Impact Of Human Capital On International Trade: A Cross Country AnalysisSami UllahSupervisor/Co Supervisor: Dr. Attiya Yasmin JavidView Abstract
Distributional Effects Of Public Expenditures Using Quintile RegressionsZafar IqbalSupervisor/Co Supervisor: Dr. Eatzaz AhmedView Abstract
Modelling the Demand for Bank Loans by Private Business Sector in PakistanFaiza HassanProf. Dr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Firm Size, Exchange Rate and Exports Performance: A Firm Level Study Of Pakistan’s Manufacturing SectorAsad AbbasDr. Ejaz GhaniView Abstract
An Analysis of the Impact of Government Size On Economic Growth of Pakistan: An Endogenous GrowthShamaila ZareenDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Three Essays on the Economics of Trade Unions in PakistanAfaq MehmoodDr. Zafar M. NasirView Abstract
The Impact of Foreign Capital Inflows on the Competitiveness of Pakistan’s EconomyShabana KishwarDr. Zafar MahmoodView Abstract
An Analysis Of The Impact Of China’s Monetary Policy Shocks On South Asian EconomiesNeelam ZulfiqarDr. Hasan. M MohsinView Abstract
Land Distribution and Agricultural Productivity: A District level analysis of Punjab provinceSobia SaeedDr. Munir AhmadView Abstract
Estimating the Long-Run Creditworthiness of Pakistan and the Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the CreditworthinessRimsha KarimDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Regime Switches in Pakistan's Fiscal Policy: Markov-Switching VAR ApproachWajid AliDr. Abdul SattarView Abstract
Determinants Of Terrorism: Panel Data AnalysisMuhammad AzharDr. Hasan M. MohsinView Abstract
Assessing Price-Cost Markup and its Behavior over Business Cycle: Analysis of Pakistan’s Manufacturing IndustriesSalman AhmedDr. Attiya Yasmeen JavedView Abstract
Dynamics of Poverty, status of Child Labor/schooling in Pakistan: Evidence from Panel DatasetAdnan BashirDr. Shujaat FarooqView Abstract
A Simulation Analysis of Resource Deficits, Borrowings, And Debts By using three-gap Model: A Case of PakistanYousaf DarProf. Eatzaz AhmadView Abstract
Impact of Trade Liberalization on imports, Exports and Balance of Trade: A Case Study of SAARCS. M Nabeel Ul HaqDr Ejaz GhaniView Abstract
Inflation Uncertainty and Output Uncertainty Nexus: The Case of PakistanNaveed MahmoodDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Estimation of Petroleum Demand Functions and Future Forecasts: An Aggregate and Disaggregate Analysis for PakistanZaheer AhmadDr. Eatzaz AhmadView Abstract
Validity And Asymmetry Of Okun’s Law: A Case Study For Three Groups Of Asian EconomiesFarhat RasulDr. Hasan Muhammad MohsinView Abstract
Returns To Education And Determinants Of Education-earning Relationship: Evidence from PakistanSamina RahmanDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Fundamentals of Real Exchange Rate: Examining Dutch Disease Presence in PakistanNayab Fatima HinaDr. Zaffar Moeen NasirView Abstract
Impact of Climate Change on Productivity of Cotton in Pakistan: A District Level AnalysisAmar RazaDr. Munir AhmadView Abstract
Currency Depreciation and Output Nexus: Evidence From PakistanMuhammad NawazDr. Ejaz GhaniView Abstract
Resource Curse or Blessing?: A panel data AnalysisAbdul HannanDr. Hasan M. MohsinView Abstract
Remittances, Inflation and Economic Growth: A Case Study of PakistanSeyyda Taskeen Abbas NaqviDr. Ghulam Mohammad ArifView Abstract
Composition Of Public Expenditures And Economic Growth: A Dynamic AnalysisShaheen NaseerDr. Musleh ud DinView Abstract
Disaggregated Energy Consumption, Industrial Output and GDP ( A Co-integration Analysis)Hanan IshaqueDr. Hassan M. MohsinView Abstract
An Analysis of Monetary Policy Reaction Functions for Pakistan Economy: In Search of an Optimal Monetary Policy RuleShahzad AhmedDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
The Political Economy of Pakistan’s External SectorSajid RafiqDr. Musleh ud DinView Abstract
Market Structure, External Sector and Firm Performance: Evidence from PakistanAkbar UllahDr. Ejaz GhaniView Abstract
Nexus of spending on public goods and agriculture growth in PakistanAbid AliDr. Anwar HussainView Abstract
Measuring Agriculture Productivity in PakistanNaeem Akhtar JavedDr. Usman MustfaView Abstract
The Impacts of Remittances on Child Education in PakistanSami UllahDr. Muhammad Jehangir KhanView Abstract
An Analysis of the Spatial Dimensions of Poverty in PunjabAzhar AliDr. G. M. ArifView Abstract
Rent Seeking: It’s Impact on Total Factor Productivity and InflationAqila AnwarDr. Musleh ud DinView Abstract
Financial Development and Agricultural Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan”Syeda Sidra BatoolDr. M. Idrees KhawajaView Abstract
Oil Prices and Workers Remittances in Pakistan: An Empirical AnalysisSyed Hasan Ali NaqviDr. Hasan M. MohsinView Abstract
Consumer Preferences for the Quality Demanded for Milk in Islamabad, Pakistan: An Application of Hedonic Price ModelSyeda Sadia ZehraDr. Usman MustafaView Abstract
Employment Pattern Diversification in Pakistan’s Industrial SectorAfshan MuneerDr. Musleh-ud DinView Abstract
Emigration and Trade Creation in PakistanNoureen FatimaDr. Zafar MahmoodView Abstract
The Impacts of Energy Pricing Policies on Consumers’ WelfareMuhammad Atta ul Islam AbrarProf. Dr. Eatzaz AhmadView Abstract
An Analysis of Intra-generational Mobility and its Determinants in Rural Pakistan.Naima RasheedDr. G.M. ArifView Abstract
Investigating Opportunity and Grievance as Drivers of Violence: A Case Study of PakistanLaila Sohail FarooqDr. Idrees KhawajaView Abstract
Performance of Islamic Bank in Pakistan; Alternative ModelsZohaib Omer MirzaDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Financial Development Institutions and Forign Direct InvestmentMuhammad IqbalDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Models of External Debt Growth Relationship for PakistanMuhammad RamzanDr Eatzaz AhmadView Abstract
Working Poor in PakistanMuhammad Mohsin Latif KianiDr. G. M. ArifView Abstract
Consumption Pattern of Pakistani households: Evidence from Pakistan Panel Household survey 2010Asma ShahzadiDr. G.M. ArifView Abstract
Export Price Competitiveness in the Manufacturing Sector of PakistanUzma ziaDr. Zafar MahmoodView Abstract
Measuring Mixed Use Land in Large Cities and Its Impact on Reducing Commuting and Congestion CostAbid RehmanDr. Zahid AsgharView Abstract
Is Corruption Detrimental or Beneficial for Trade: A Case Study of PakistanAdeel KhalidDr. Idrees KhawajaView Abstract
Macroeconomic Uncertainty, Remittance Inflows And Economic Growth: Evidence From South AsiaMuhammad ImranDr. Sajid Amin JavedView Abstract
Food Demand In Pakistan: Analysis and ProjectionsNaveed HayatDr. Anwar HussainView Abstract
Impact of Remittances on Household Welfare in PakistanMehtab HabibDr. Shujaat FarooqView Abstract
Effects of Non-Farm Income on Food Security in Pakistan: A Counterfactual AnalysisGhulam MustafaDr. Munir AhmadView Abstract
Sources to Finance Fiscal Deficit and Their Impact on Inflation: A Case Study of PakistanKashif AliDr. Mahmood KhalidView Abstract
The Impact of External Indebtedness on the Growth and Poverty in PakistanBabar Shahzad DogarDr. Eatzaz AhmedView Abstract
Are deficits Inflationary? Role of Monetary and Financial institutions: Empirical Evidence from Asian EconomicsTahira IshaqDr. Hassan M MohsinView Abstract
The Role of Microcredit in Improving the Well-Being of Rural Households: Evidence from Community Livelihood Fund in District Swat, Khyber PakhtunkhwaMurneeb ur RahmanDr. Anwar HussainView Abstract
The Impact of Political Risk and Macro Economic Policy Uncertainty on Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Selected South Asian CountriesMuhammad AzamDr. Muhammad Arshad KhanView Abstract
Estimating Tolerance and its Impact on Economic Wellbeing: A Case Study of District PeshawarMuhammad Adil SaleemDr Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy: A Case Study of PakistanAsmat KhanDr. Mahmood KhalidView Abstract
Welfare Impact of Minimum Wage in PakistanAllah NawazDr. Zafar Mueen NasirView Abstract
Technical Efficiency Analysis of Wheat Farms In Punjab, Pakistan: A Comparison of Sfa and Dea ApproachesAamir ShahzadDr. Munir AhmadView Abstract
Nexus between Fiscal Discretion and Macroeconomic Variables in PakistanMuhammad IsmailDr. Fazal HussainView Abstract
Forecasting Exchange Rate of PakistanSehrish AshfaqDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Identifying the Role of Socio Economic Demographic and deterrent variables on crime rate of Punjab.Shahzad Mahmood JabbarDr. Hassan M MohsinView Abstract
Foreign Aid-Growth Nexus in Pakistan: Role of Macroeconomic PoliciesMuhammad JavidDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Demographic Transition, Saving And Economic Growth In PakistanJavaria KanwalDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis: Evidence From Emerging Market EconomiesImran ArifDr. Attiya Yasmin JavidView Abstract
Asymmetric Effects Of Monetary Policy In Pakistan: Lstvar ApproachZobia NeelumDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Determinants of Tax Ratios: A Panel StudyYounas ButtDr. Hasan M. MohsinView Abstract
Impact of Rural Infrastructure on Development of Pakistan: A District Level AnalysisNaeem AsgharDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Role of Demographic Transition and Human Capital Dynamics in Determining Economic GrowthMunir AhmadDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Households Losses in 2014 Floods and Coping Strategies A Study of Chiniot, PunjabAmeer HyderDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Analysing the Effect of Remittances on the Household Assets of PakistanKiran FatimaDr. Abdul QayyumView Abstract
Fiscal Marksmanship In Pakistan: A Provincial AnalysisSara JabeenDr. Anwar HussainView Abstract
Impact of Leadership Transitions and Economic Policy Uncertainty on Economic Growth: The Case of PakistanSehrish AndleebDr.Musleh-ud-DinView Abstract
Response of Macro Economic Indicators to Electricity Crisis and Circular Debt: A Case Study of PakistanBushra FaiziDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Impact of Foreign Remittances on Human Capital: A Case Study of PakistanNabeeda SaghirDr. Ghulam Mohammad ArifView Abstract
The Nexus Of Government Spending And Economic Growth: Evidence From Pakistan And Saarc RegionRabia SabaDr. Zafar Moueen NasirView Abstract
Impact of Economic Growth and Population on EnvironmentKhurram ShahzadDr. Rehana SiddiquiView Abstract
Household Saving Behaviour in PakistanUmbreen IqbalDr. Zafar Mueen NasirView Abstract
Government intervention and food price variability: a case of wheat market Punjab, PakistanMuhammad KhalilDr Anwar HussainView Abstract
Impact of Migration and Remittances on Labor Supply in PakistanKamran KhanDr. G. M ArifView Abstract
The Macroeconomic Consequences of Volatile Discretionary Fiscal Policy: A Panel AnalysisMuhsin AliDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Sacrifice Ratio or Benefit Ratio: Controlling Inflation with Tight Monetary PolicySidra MariyamDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Human Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth in South Asia: A Bi-directional RelationshipNabya TehreemDr. Sajid AminView Abstract
Impact Of Credit on Education and Healthcare Spending By the Poor: Evidence from Rural Areas of PakistanAbid HussainDr. Muhammad Jehangir KhanView Abstract
Culture, Economic Freedom and Economic Performance: A Cross-Country AnalysisYasir KhanDr. Attiya Y. JavedView Abstract
Impact Of External Debt, Foreign Aid and Governance on Economic Growth: An Extension of Ramsey-cass-koopman ModelUnbreen QayyumDr. Musleh ud DinView Abstract
The Exchange Rate Channel of Monetary Policy and Its Impact on Inflation and Output in Pakistan.Mukamil shahMuhammad Arshad KhanView Abstract
Economic and Non-Economic Determinants of Private Investment: A Case Study of PakistanUmar FarooqDr. Muhammad Arshad KhanView Abstract
Exchange Rate Forecasting Using Neural Network ModelSana AliDr. AttiyaYasmeen JavaidView Abstract
Combating Corruption Through Fiscal Decentralization: A Case Study Of PakistanMalik Kifayatullah AwanDr. Zafar Mueen NasirView Abstract
Dividend Policy and Corporate Governance of Financial SectorMuhammad Nadeem IqbalDr. Arshad HassanView Abstract
Impact of Gender Inequality in Education on Economic GrowthMuhammad Ahsan IqbalDr. Idrees KhawajaView Abstract
Dynamic Relation Between Inflation And Economic Growth In Pakistan: Linear Vs. Non-linear ApproachLiaqat AliDr. Nasir IqbalView Abstract
Determinants of Total Factor Productivity: A region wise studyHamid Haroon ur RashidDr. Attiya Yasmin JavidView Abstract
Measurement of Illicit Trade: The Case of PakistanUm E SalmaDr. Eatzaz AhmadView Abstract
Decentralization and Economic Growth: Is Institutions the Missing Link?Muhammad Zeeshan ArifDr. Iftikhar AhmadView Abstract
Political Economy of Trade in Services: A Strategic Framework of Liberalizing Trade In Services for PakistanAhmed GulzarDr. Ejaz GhaniView Abstract
Estimating Implicit Inflation Target For Pakistan: State Space ApproachSaima BashirDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
Determinants of Intra-Industry Trade between Pakistan and Selected SAARC CountriesAdnan AkramDr. Zafar MahmoodView Abstract
The Relative Price Convergence in Pakistan: Does the choice of numeraire city matter?Zahra AzamDr Hassan M. MohsinView Abstract
Institutional Quality and Economic Growth: A Theoretical Framework AnalysisFaheem Sajjad DhariwalDr. Idrees KhawajaView Abstract
Nonlinear Exchange Rate Pass Through Into Inflation: The Case of PakistanHabiba FatimaDr. Wasim Shahid MalikView Abstract
The Composite Impact of Institutional Quality and Inequality on Economic GrowthNeelum NigarDr. M. Idrees KhwajaView Abstract
The Impact of Institutional Quality on Monetary Policy in PakistanAbdul WajidDr. M. Idrees KhwajaView Abstract
Impact of Energy Prices on Inflation in PakistanMunazza AkhtarDr. Idrees KhawajaView Abstract